Here you will find the complete price list of accommodations. Do not forget to make a reservation at the time.

If you have any questions please email us very happy to answer.


Single bed rooms Individuals – separate room
1 – 7 nights 350,-CZK with VAT
8 -14 nights 270,-CZK with VAT
15 and more nights 250,-CZK with VAT
30 and more nights 200/220,-CZK with VAT


Bed in a double room Companies, couples, groups, shared rooms
1 – 7 nights 250,-CZK with VAT
8 – 14 nights 200,-CZK with VAT
15 and more nights 180,-CZK with VAT
30 and more nights 160,-CZK with VAT


Bed in a room for three Companies and groups
1 – 7 nights 220,-CZK with VAT
8 – 14 nights 190,-CZK with VAT
15 and more nights 170,-CZK with VAT
30 and more nights 140,-CZK with VAT

Pay is possible only in Czech Crowns (CZK)

Prices include VAT and local taxes. The landlord reserves the right to change PRICES FOR ACCOMMODATION.